What is ACF- 50?

ACF-50, Anti-Corrosion Formula, is a state of the art, anti-corrosion/lubricant compound, that has been specifically designed for the Aero Space Industry. Itcan be described as an ultra thin fluid film compound which must be applied on an annual basis. ACF-50 actively penetrates through the corrosion deposits to the base of the cell where it emulsifies and encapsulates the electrolyte, lifting it away from the metal surface. ACF-50 then dispels this moisture and provides an atmospheric barrier which prevents any further moisture contact, thereby keeping the cell inactive. This compound continues to actively penetrate and "creep" into the tightest of seams, lap joints, micro cracks and around rivet heads, dissipating the moisture, even salt water, in these corrosion prone areas. These unique abilities of ACF-50 remain effective for 12 months, gradually disappearing as it is chemically consumed.

What is ACF- 50? (Section 1)

ACF-50 is designed with the professional aerospace technician in mind. ACF-50 should be used within the guidelines established by the OEM or governing agency for the prevention, control, or repair of corrosion.

ACF-50's active Thin Fluid Film chemistry penetrates corrosion deposits where it chemically emulsifies and displaces the electrolyte. This isolation process keeps the corrosion cell deactivated.

On new metal ACF-50 forms a self-healing barrier that prevents corrosion from starting. ACF-50 remains physically and chemically effective for up to two years.

It is important to emphasize that ACF-50 is also an excellent lubricant but does NOT contain any wax, resin, silicon or Teflon... compounds that can gum up mechanisms, block drain holes, or trap moisture to cause corrosion.

Although ACF-50 is used primarily in the aviation industry it can be used virtually anywhere that corrosion is a problem. Applications such as interior metal surfaces, structural assemblies, micro switches, avionic components, solenoids/motors, battery terminals etc. See the industry sector links on the right for more information.

What is ACF- 50? (Section 3)

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Material Safety Data Sheet (Aerosol)

Material Safety Data Sheet (Bulk Liquid)

Material Safety Data Sheet Bulk Liquid (French)

Material Safety Data Sheet Bulk Liquid (Spanish)

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