A history of Lear Chemicals, ACF-50 and Corrosion Block.

ACF-50, Corrosion Block and Corrosion Block Grease are proprietary products of Lear Chemical Research, a Canadian company that has been successfully developing and compounding anti-corrosion lubricants and greases since 1979.

All three products are recognised by technicians and reviewers everywhere as class-leading products in their field, offering a range of corrosion-controlling features that have yet to be bettered for “real-life” performance.

Lear Chemical Research’s products are in use world-wide in the Aviation, Automotive, Industrial, Marine and Recreational industries. Their ACF-50 product is probably best known for its adoption by the US Military and Coast Guard as the go-to solution for corrosion-prevention on all sorts of aircraft while Corrosion Block is a long-established part of the tool-kit in the marine-maintenance community across North America.

From those core markets the products have expanded globally and into other sectors such as motorcycles (ACF-50), fire-arms (Corrosion Block), water-craft trailers (Corrosion Block Grease), emergency-service electrics (ACF-50), beach-based quad-bikes (Corrosion Block) and wind-farms (Corrosion Block Grease). Many of these environments are demanding as they can be and technicians have stated time and again that only ACF-50, Corrosion Block or Corrosion Block Grease will perform for them.

Lear Chemical’s technical research-and-development success is balanced by combining laboratory-testing with specific field evaluations to ensure that each formula produced meets advertised claims and customer expectations.

For more information on Lear Chemical Research visit http://www.learchem.com

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